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Is There No Decency Left at ABC?

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Rush-limbaugh - traitor

 “I agree with the Taliban: Obama doesn’t deserve the Prize!”

Says Rush Limbaugh: dope Fiend and Verbal Arsonists


 Does ABC Value Dollars Over  Patriotism?

 Announcing that he was on the same side as the Taliban a few hours after the world received the good news that President Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize, Rush Limbaugh asked if his listeners were surprised.  Well, if they were they didn’t take comedienne Wanda Sykes seriously; she pulled our coats to that back when she spoke at the White House Correspondents dinner.  With out pulling any punches Wanda called Rush out and accused him of treason, because his hopes for our President – i.e. the elected leader of the American nation – was the same as Al Qaeda’s.  The line received hearty applause from the audience of journalist because they were smart enough to appreciate the gravitas of the dead on critique masquerading as a joke.  Removing any ambiguity about the way she really feels about the radio clown, Wanda also said that she hoped Fatty Limbaugh’s kidneys failed!  A good possibility given the shape he’s in.

Some otherwise thoughtful people who are normally critics of the rotund Rushbo, such as  Keith Olberman, rushed to his defense,  evidently feeling the need to defend the fat fart who has mastered the art of character assassination and racial hate mongering.   I cheered her on in a long commentary about the Afro-American comedic tradition.  And besides, Rush Limbaugh deserved every bit of bile she dumped on him.  He is a sad, sick, man whose sense of morality – if you can discern any such thing in his hysterical rants – is twisted in bizarre ways.  President Obama stands for bringing the people of the world together, for feeding the hungry and healing the sick.   These are the same things that Jesus Christ stood for.  But what does Rush Limbaugh stand for?

This is the question that people must begin to ask of the management of ABC, Limbaugh’s boss, because it begs the question of what they stand for.  From his daily rants we can see that Limbaugh stands for racism, sexism, corporate greed, and the enthusiastic promotion of dangerous nonsense. But most of all Rush Limbaugh is an egomaniacal hustler who cares first and foremost about his ratings, and after signing a $400 million contract they had better be high.  Therefore truth and civic responsibility be damned!  All that matters is selling advertising time for top dollar.  This is not a speculation on my part, Rush Limbaugh has repeatedly made it plain that these are the things that motivate him.  Just last week he spelled it out on the Today Show!  And anyone who understands that the raison d’etre for commercial broadcasting is to sell  advertising time at the highest price – i.e. it is market driven – means that ethical considerations often get short shrift.  Alas in pursuit of the almighty dollar, the management of ABC is prepared to allow Limbaugh and a handful of jerks like Sean Hannity, Dan Savage, et al create an atmosphere of hatred and hysteria that has already resulted in assault and murder – see my commentaries on this blog that address this issue – just because it boosts ratings and therefore increases the value of their advertising. 

 In other words: Is the American Broadcast company placing their personal profit above the stability of the nation?  I can envision no other answer but yes!   The irrefutable proof of ABC management’s cavalier disregard for the national security of our country, is their decision to allow a cabal of racist charlatan’s to amp up the white lunatic fringe – who are armed to the teeth and are increasingly showing up at public meetings brandishing weapons – with outrageous lies that these retards believe are facts.  It is only a matter of time before they manufacture another Kevin McVey! We have already been warned of this imminent possibility by the Department Of Homeland Security, for which the Republican politicos who benefit from this white rage demanded Secretary Janet Nepolitano apologize!  The fundamental question posed by this is: what are the standards for talk show hosts on ABC?  Are they simply allowed to come on-air and engage in character assassination against the President and other Democratic leaders who are trying to govern, to guide the country out of the bloody mess the Bushmen left us in?   In my view this is tantamount to falsely crying fire in a crowded theater. 

 The kind of attacks that Limbaugh and company are engaging in goes far beyond mere criticism of the President’s policies; it is the most vitriolic hatred that I have ever seen against a public official whose life is marked by great achievement and is an honorable man in every way.  As a professor of media studies I taught a course on “Minorities in Mass Media” and the historical record is abundantly clear on how mass media has been used to incite violence.   It is interesting to note that the first newspapers founded by minority groups – Hispanics, Afro-Americans, Asians, Native Americans, were all formed after the white owned and edited newspapers incited mob violence against them through false reportage and incendiary rhetoric in their editorials. And these were only newspapers.

 Today the racial arsonists have much more powerful media weapons that mere newspapers, radio and television have a much greater capacity to arouse the emotions of an audience, and when they are as ignorant and paranoid as much of WABC’s audience undoubtedly is, the management of ABC is playing Russian Roulette with the American people.  This begs another question: When will Limbaugh and company be satisfied?  After some fanatic they have souped up with their harangues takes a shot at the President, convinced that he is rescuing the country from this “crazy nigger communist fascist Hitler!”  

 I have been asking for years now: Is the management of WABC willing to promote hatred and conflict in our society so long as they can show a rise in revenue?  Such a cynical position is unworthy of a corporation that makes its living from the use of public airways.  And I for one think it is time for a citizen challenge to their broadcast license. For aside from their totally irresponsible management of on-air personalities, they are a transparently apartheid operation: only white folks are allowed  to control the mike!  Hence I will be approaching several law professors to see what the possibilities of such a challenge are, and if the civil rights laws regarding discrimination in hiring mean anything even with a black Attorney General at the Justice Department.  I am also investigate the possibility of organizing a selective patronage campaign against Rush’s sponsors. 

 One thing however is beyond question: Rush Limbaugh is a menace to American society, and  there is evidence that he is inspiring domestic terrorism.   Alas, one other thing is certain, whatever evil Rushbo does the American Broadcasting company is his enabler.  There is no question of First Amendment rights here either.  This oft cited Amendment by those who argue that Rush has a right to free speech, an untutored mob who know as much about the  constitution as a polar bear knows about playing the violin, does not apply here.  It is designed to constrain the government from employing the power of the state to suppress dissent, and I’m all for that.  But it has nothing to do with the power of ABC management to muzzle or silence Rush completely by firing his fat ignorant ass!  And I’m all for that too. 


I’m Down With You Megan

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 Laura and Annie Can Kiss My My Ass Too!

Meghan Mccain

Megan Is Hot and Laura ain’t Squat!!


Although the Republican leadership appears too dumb and chauvinistic to dig it – the inevitable consequence of overdosing on zealous ideologies – Megan McCain and young people like her represent any future the Republicans are likely to have in national politics.  Torn, tattered, bruised and confused the Grand old Party stumbles along like a drunken buccaneer looking for a road back to power.  Befuddled  by the spectacular Democratic victory in the recent elections, most of the old Republican guard has opted for retreat into nostalgia and myth.  For them the answer is to return forthwith to the ideas of the Reagan era, which they insist was a golden age in American civilization. They conveniently forget that Reagan ran up the biggest deficit in American history, and was so clueless that Oliver North, a treasonous colonel, ran an illegal operation out of the White House basement that subverted the Constitutional separation of powers.

 The ruling trope of that lawless era is embodied in Reagan’s famous pronouncement on domestic affairs: “Government is the problem!’ This contempt for government explains why they govern so badly whenever they are entrusted with that high calling to serve the public interest.  However the problem for the blast from the past crew just now is that government is the answer; and it was a Republican President, George Bush, after eight years in office with virtually no government regulation of the economy, who turned to the government to avoid a catastrophe which those “free market” policies had created.  Add to this the lingering “culture wars” promoted by Reagan’s minions like the pugnacious Pat Buchanan, and it is a good bet that the Republican Party is on the path to extinction as a credible force in National politics.

 On the other hand, Megan McCain represents a true alternative to the stodgy old ideologues that dominate the precincts of power in the GOP.   The questions she raises are the questions all thoughtful members of her generation are raising, and the Republican big wigs had better pay heed to what she is saying if they wish to thrive…or even survive.  As the daughter of the soundly whipped Republican candidate for President, Megan has a unique perspective on the shortcomings of her father’s party and their methodology. 

 As an eyewitness to President Obama’s trouncing of John McCain, Megan McCain is attempting to share what she has learned with their fellow Republicans, but that evil nasty mouth rawboned witch Laura Ingarim thought it a good idea to attack the young lady’s weight and intelligence, rather than offer a serious reply to her critique.  This sort of gutter-snipe behavior is just the sort of thing you would expect from loquacious Laura, an outta control megalomaniacal talking head with a garbage mouth and the morals of a whore.  After all, when she pays homage to a fat self-indulgent dumb ass like Rush Limbuagh, it is hard to believe that Laura, who is a lawyer, is not simply selling what is left of her virtue.  “Ain’t that what all ho’s do?’ asked Honey Comb, a seasoned Mack from around the way who knows a thing or two about ho’s. 

Laura And Her Favorite Colored Man


Uncle Justice Thomas!

The same thing can be said of that anorexic douche bag Ann Coulter, whose incendiary rhetoric sparked this whole imbroglio.  She’s the biggest ho of them all!  She too has squandered an excellent education.;  instead of seeking honorable work that might advance our society she has built a reputation as the most ruthless foulmouthed ho in the media – an arena that’s full of lying hoes, male and female.  That’s her claim to fame!   And like all hos who are true to the code: Ain’t no shame in Annie’s game. 

But let me be clear: I am not accusing either of these shrieking schrews of selling pussy – I have a fertile imagination but I can’t imagine how you could sell something you have trouble giving away; I know I wouldn’t pop em with Dirty Dick Chaney’s cock!   Rather I accuse them of selling their souls in a Faustian bargain with the racist, sexist, right-wing male establishment and the untutored mob that take their marching orders from Rush and Sean.   Hence the true reason for Laura’s  tasteless, mean, ill-considered attack on Megan: She knows that the things Megan says about Anorexic Annie are also true of her!

An Accurate Description! 

Ann Coulter

Anorexic Annie

But old murder mouth Laura has met her match this time, because Megan is no shrinking violet – far from it.  In fact she is what the old folks in Florida used to call a “Tushie,” a name that connoted an iron willed woman who would stand her ground till the bitter end.   So far Megan is getting the best of this Republican cat fight.  The first telling blow to the over-the-hill bloviators was the fact that she had never heard of Laura or Annie until recently – one because of her ridiculous diatribes against anything progressive or humane; the other because she was the victim of a scurrilous attack by her. 

Megan responded by coming on The View – a group of chatty “Tushies” who speak their mind – and exposed the shallowness of Laura’s attack on her as a young woman who dared to express a political opinion.  The utter tastelessness of Laura’s demented behavior was such that the women of “The View” denounced it regardless of where they stood on the political spectrum.  Then to everyone’s surprise, and my delight, Meg told them skinny ho’s: “Kiss my fat ass!”   I declare I just loved it!    Its way past time somebody told those two nasty mouth witches to kiss their ass.  So I’m down with you Meg: Them skinny skanky boggy-bear witches can kiss my ass too!

Playthell Benjamin

Commentaries on the Times

Harlem, New York 

March, 17, 2009

Rush Limbaug and Glenn Beck Incite Mayhem and Murders!

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As The Death Toll Rises…

 Verbal Arsonists Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh Egg the Fanatics On

Rushbo! Public Enemy #1

 Is  Rush Limbaugh and his tribe of verbal arsonists inciting unstable people to murder?  I think the answer is a resounding yes!  What does Richard Popolowski, Stephen Von Brunn and Scott P. Roeder, the murderer of Dr. Tiller have in common? They were all motivated by the concerns that are the subject of over the top harangues by Right Wing radio hysterics 24/7. Popolowski ambushed and murdered three cops in Pittsburg with a military assault rifle as they answered a routine domestic disturbance call placed by his mother!  Subsequent investigations have revealed that Poppi thought President Obama was going to take his guns and oppress white men.  This is the kind of crazy inflammatory crap that Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh spout ad-nauseum.

 James W. Von Brunn, who murdered a black guard, Stephen Tyrone John’s, in  the Washington Holocaust museum is a long time racist/anti-Semitic anti-government fanatic, And Dr. Tiller, a gynecologist who performs abortions, was targeted by right-wing broadcasters, especially Bill O’Reilly, who routinely called him “Tiller The Baby killer” and even gave out the address of his clinic on the air.  Now we discover a murdered census taker in Kentucky, Bill Sparkman, who from all appearances was lynched, and has the word FED, for federal worker, inscribed on his chest! I believe  Sparkman’s murder was directly inspired by Glenn Beck’s incendiary attacks on the US Census!


A Murder Mouth Poot Butt!

And on a lesser scale, although quite horrifying, was the  vicious beat down of Tasha Hill a beautiful well spoken young black woman – who ironically is serving in the military – in Poulan Georgia by Troy Dale West, a burly redneck cracker male who viciously beat her while calling her a sack of black bitches…all because she admonished the man for virtually walking over her seven year old daughter as they both entered a store in Georgia.   This man was obviously walking Around seething with racist rage, a rage that is fueled and stoked each day by the hysterical diatribes spewed by Limbaugh and other right wing verbal arsonists who  appear to be trying their best to spark a race war in America.  And believe me: this is just the type of incident that could spark a race riot, because if I had been on the scene I would have tried my level beat to take that cracker’s head off!

In a seminar I taught at Long Island University on “Minorities and Mass Media,” we looked at the role of mass media in inciting racist rage that resulted in racist attacks on non-whites.  The horrible Atlanta pogrom of 1906, in which rampaging whites attacked and killed innocent black citizens on the streets for several days was sparked by incendiary diatribes and lies about black people in the news papers.  Radio is a much more personal and powerful media and, as Dr. Goebbles demonstrated in NAZI Germany, can move masses of people to irrational actions.  That’s the role Limbaugh and company are playing in American society right now – and their message is nationwide, immediate, and all the time.

Although none in the Obama Administration dare draw this connection lest they be accused of trampling on the First Amendment, opinion writers in the media certainly can connect the dots and hypothesize about whether there is an organic connection between the growing numbers of innocent people assaulted and killed by hyped up racist and anti-government fanatics, and the vitriolic lies spewed by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Ann Coulter etc.  And I for one, am wondering why they are not raising questions about an all too obvious connection!

Those who withhold criticism by arguing that these incendiary racist bolviators have a Constitutional right to say the things they say are missing the point.  To begin with the First Amendment is designed only to restrain the government from restricting speech, not private companies like WABC, nor does it restrict the press from critiquing the media – that’s why we have media critics!  Since all of this Anti-American garbage is coming from two companies, the execs could stop in tomorrow.

However from the look of things the suits at these companies FOX and WABC, who should be expected to exercise sound judgment and act in the public interests – since we have granted them the privilege of utilizing the public airways for their private purposes – are derelict in their responsibility to serve the common good, and their avarice parallels the heartless capitalist described by Karl Marx, who was so avaricious he would “sell the hangman the rope to hang him with if he thought he could turn a profit!”


Playthell Benjamin

Commentaries On the times

Harlem New York

September 24 2009

David Brooks Is Clueless!

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David Brooks

 The Pundit Pontificating

Notes On The Enduring Riddle of Race In America

 Sometimes erudition, no matter how eloquently expressed, burdens rather than buoys an argument, obfuscates more than it enlightens.  On such occasions what sounds like weighty argument upon first hearing quickly metamorphoses into sophistry after close examination.  That was my reaction after giving a close reading to a much cited September 18, column analyzing the causes of the enormous hostility expressed towards President Obama by the untutored right wing mob that descended on Washington last Saturday.  Written by David Brooks, an editorial Page columnist with the august New York Times, it was pompously titled :”No, It’s Not About Race.”

First I was aghast at the know-it-all tone of the piece, and then somewhat offended, as I  pondered the finality with which Mr. Brooks delivered  his pronouncement.  The vibe was like: the great white father has spoken…that is all…there isn’t anymore to be said on the matter!  Of course part of this has to do with the mind set of all commentators, a conceit from which I cannot claim to be exempt, but then Mr. Brooks is also writing on the editorial page of the New York Times, which claims to “print all the news that’s fit to print.”  Hence in the normal course of human nature chances are a Times columnists must feel even more prescient than the common lot of us.

However, given the hostility toward the Times from ideologues of the left and right, I’d like to make it clear that I am a big fan and devoted reader of the Times; I find it a reliable and comprehensive source of news about the important events in the world, a marvelous first draft of history, without which my life would be immeasurably impoverished – although I must confess my bias for Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich among the columnists for both style and intelligence. And for sheer intellectual gravitas it’s Paul Krugman,the reigning Nobel Laureate whom Barack Obama would have done well to listen to.  And for solid reporting, social conscience, high purpose and advocacy for the poor and voiceless Bob Herbert is my man.  So I’m a fan and friend of the New York Times – although I like the London times even better because they have been generous in publishing my work in the Sunday Edition, “The Culture” magazine to be exact.

Yet unlike Mr. Brooks, who is persuaded that the “progressive news media…exaggerates stories like the Joe Wilson shout and the opposition to the Obama schools speech to show that small town folks are dumb whackos,” I am convinced the very fact that most of the people at the Tea Parties proudly confess their belief that FOX television news is a more reliable source of information about the bewilderingly complex issues that confront us than the New York Times, is irrefutable evidence that they are ignorant whackos!

That’s why they listen to verbose ignoramuses and racial arsonists like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingrahm and that rotund racist dope fiend Rush Limbaugh, and mistake them for wise men!   And we need not engage in a Freudian analysis of symbols to know that the fundamental tone of these demonstrations are racist; the protesters carry sings that make it plain that they are racist, and the verbal feces that flow endlessly from their nasty mouths co-signs the signs. Although there is no deficit of fools that hail from big cities, on average small town people are behind the times when compared to cosmopolites who inhabit the great cities of the world.  That’s a fact jack!  And the exceptions only prove the rule.

Having grown up spending my winters in a small town in Florida and my summers in Philadelphia and New York, and  now regularly travel all over this country, especially in the old confederate states of the south, by Grey Hound Bus in order to mingle and talk with real people – even though it is sometimes more expensive than flying – I feel I have as reliable an impression of what the temper of the country is these days as anyone – and I find racial tensions at a boiling point throughout the south.  Both races are armed to the teeth and the shooting could start any minute.  That’s the truth I see.  And Mr. Brooks, in spite of the ostentatious erudition displayed in his column, is clueless!


I will assume that the gentle readers, including Mr. Brooks if I’m fortunate, will at least concede my point that anyone who turns to the air head verbal arsonists on WABC – Rushbo and his minions – is by definition a certifiable moron.  If not you should stop reading now, because this argument will surely be over your head.  I know that most of the people from the untutored mob in the march will have been hopelessly lost already, if perchance they happened upon my text and had a dictionary and Thesaurus on hand and made it thus far.

Mr. Brooks talks about how he formed his opinion of who these people are and their attitudes about race by casually mingling with them; interrupting his workout routine jogging around the capitol, because “Sociology was more important than fitness.”  Well, as an avid and long time reader of sociological literature, having been indelibly influenced by the late great C. Wright Mill’s treatise “The Sociological Imagination” and I gained my first real understanding of how this country works by reading his learned and insightful book “The Power Elite.”  And it would be hard to exaggerate the insight I’ve gained about questions of racism, poverty and social policy from careful readings of the  scholarly tomes of William Julius Wilson – especially “The Truly Disadvantaged, Racism, Privilege and Power, When Work disappears, etc – I agree.  Sociology is indeed important.

In fact I could cite a treasure trove of brilliant sociological treatises on the problems of race and class in America that, had Mr. Brooks, and other over-privileged “ conservative” white guys like him, bothered to read they wouldn’t say some of the silly things they say.  For instance if our intrepid reporter really understood social Science methodology he would know that although the participant observer is a legitimate method of investigation it requires a much longer and in-depth interrogation of one’s subjects before grand generalizations can be made about the forces that motivate them and determine their behavior.

Alas Mr. Brooks thinks the fact that he saw some of the white marchers buying food from black folks who were partying on the mall and attending a rap concert there is more compelling evidence that the white marchers were not racist, than the blatantly racist signs and unambiguous hatred they have for him personally.  Is his knowledge of American racial etiquette so shallow that he does not know that even at the height of racist caste system white folks loved black cooking, especially in the south!

And while Mr. Brooks view white folks listening to rappers as evidence that they are not racists, I’d like to remind him that at the turn of the 19th century, the period the eminent Afro-American historian Rayford Logan called “The Nadir” – which is French for “lowest point” – in a seminal book on the Post reconstruction period, “The betrayal Of the Negro,”  the most popular music in the county was “Ragtime,” an Afro-American invention just like rap.  Dr. Dubois summed up that curious phenomenon by wryly remarking “White folks lynch Negroes while singing their songs.”

And what, after all,  is the President’s offense that’s got the Tea Party kooks so atwitter?  He is trying to provide health care for everyone…to heal the sick as commanded by their avowed lord and savior Jesus Christ!   Yet Mr. Brooks has declared that these people are neither racists nor dumb whackos.  He may get over with this muddled apologia in some quarters, but I find Mr. Brook’s sociological observations on race relations unconvincing to say the least.  Yet there remains much we can learn about race relations from real sociologists, especially those who have personally suffered the slings and arrows of racism.


Over a century ago the Afro-American scholar Dr. W.E.B. Dubois, returned from Germany armed with the latest theories and techniques of “social Science” – having studied with and become a close friend of Dr. Max Weber, the scholar who invented the discipline – and produced the first American sociological classic: “The Philadelphia Negro, which was published in 1898 under the auspices of the University Of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Dubois was convinced his scientific investigations into the causes of the black predicament in America and the relationship between the races would lead modern men of good will whose lives are governed by reason to adopt enlightened policies to relieve racial oppression and advance American civilization beyond the barbarism of racial caste oppression, with it’s attendant reign of extra-legal violence and ritual murders called lynching.

However after a decade of such scientific investigations, and hosting a annual conference of social scientists on the campus of Atlanta University – a small all black school devoted to a first rate liberal education like that DuBois received at Harvard – which were attended by his friend Max Weber, Dubois began to have doubts about the effectiveness of scientific knowledge in persuading white Americans to change their evil ways.  When he began his studies at Atlanta, producing a serious scholarly monograph every year, he had said “The world is thinking wrong about race” and believed science could make it right.

It is instructive to understand that during the years when Dr. Dubois was carrying out his studies African Americans – mostly males – were being publicly crucified in ritual murders in which they were hung, shot and burned alive for the amusement of white mobs every two and a half days from 1882 to 1916!  The pictures are in the archives and they show the carnival atmosphere that prevailed at these gruesome events, which the distinguished Harvard sociologists Orlando Patterson has convincingly argued was a form of collective cannibalism on the part of the white mobs in his book Rituals Of Blood. 

 That’s a bit of sociology that Mr. Brooks needs to read if he wants to understand why howling white mobs calling for the death of a black man – like the crowds at the Palin McCain rallies at Pottsville Ohio – look like lynch mobs to African Americans.   These ritual murders of black men caused Dr. DuBois to abandon his scientific work, although he had designed a plan for one hundred years of continual research, and become an activist and propagandist for racial justice and economic equity.  His 1903 literary classic “The Souls Of Black Folks” was the beginning of that effort which led him to become a founder of the NAACP six years later and establish “The Crisis” which chronicled the struggle for racial justice and promoted Afro-American Art and culture throughout the twentieth century and is still in publication.


What is most telling about where Mr. Brooks is coming from – i.e. his vision of the American story – is his selective reading of history; it is the most white bread interpretation possible.  For those of us who know something about the history of race relations it sounds like the ramblings of an ignoramus or a charlatan.  The one thing that any intellectual flim flam man can count on is that he can say virtually anything about American history and the vast majority of his listeners will have no idea if they are listening to fact or fiction, and they will find no resolution to this confusion in most of our high school history texts, whose editorial policies are determined by sales departments who have discovered that it’s not good business to tell the truth about race in America.

We need only witness the bitter battles over attempts by some school boards to adopt the text Land Of the Free” written by the distinguished Afro-American historian John Hope Franklin, in collaboration with two white professors.  White parents in the school districts that rejected the book said in no uncertain terms that they didn’t give a shit whether the facts contained in the book were true or not, they didn’t want their children reading it because it tarnished their white heroes!   Hence the political theorist and cultural critic Harold Cruse was right when he concluded that Americans were “anti-intellectual and anti-historical.” And if this is true of Americans in general it goes triple for right- wing Republicans, who routinely demonstrate contempt  for the truth.

Hence we get this bit of silly sophistry from Mr. Brooks that is repeated as real wisdom ad nauseum by the talking air heads in the media who are even more ignorant than Mr. Brooks.  Only someone blinded by white privilege – what some black folk call “whiteitis” could discuss populism in America and not mention the role of white racism in defeating that movement among radical agrarians led by Tom Watson at the turn of the twentieth century.  Had he read “Tom Watson: Agrarian Rebel “ by the distinguished southern historian C. Van Woodward, Mr. Brooks would understand the absurdity of his approach to the question of populism and racism.

And it takes a special pair of blinders not to recognize that everybody he cites in an attempt to decouple populist thought from racism were all arch racist!  Thomas Jefferson was a slave holder whose racist views are well documented.  Here is a man who was so depraved he deflowered a thirteen year old girl, Sally Hemmings, had seven children with her and yet kept her and his children as slaves until his death!  There is hardly a more disturbing document on the pathology of American family life than the memoir left by Jefferson’s son Madison Hemmings, which is included as an appendix in Professor Fawn Brody’s path breaking book Thomas Jefferson: An Intimate History.”

Andrew Jackson was an arch racist who was not only a slave holder but a notorious Indian killer who dispossessed whole nations and drove them from their ancestral lands.  Dr. Gerald Horne, the Moores Professor of History and Afro-American Studies at the University of Houston – who is perhaps the most broadly learned and prolific historian writing in America today – and has also held appointments as a professor of law – is presently writing a book about how Andrew Jackson destroyed a large and prosperous African and Native American community in Pensacola Florida and massacred the inhabitants when it was still a Spanish territory!

The white folks called him “Old Hickory” the defender of the “common man.”  But they conveniently leave out the critical adjective “White” man.  It is instructive that the rights of women were not a part of his advocacy, and the native Americans had another name for him: “Sharp Knife!”  The native American’s view of “Old Hickory” can be read in “Bury My Heart At wounded Knee,” which is the voices of Native Americans recorded by government stenographers.

Although I was already astonished having read thus far into Mr. Brooks exercise in Republican apologia and what historians call “special pleading,” masquerading as serious historical analysis, I was never-the-less shocked by his citations of the racist Louisiana Demagogue Huey Long – who was the model for “The King Fish” in Robert Penn Warren’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel “All The King’s Men.” And the notorious anti-Semite father Coughlin, who used the radio to whip up hatred against the Jews in the same way that Dr. Goebbles used the radio airwaves of Germany to goad the Christian Germans into committing genocide against the Jews that resulted in the slaughter of millions of innocents!   Longtime village voice writer Nat Hentoff recalls his father having to pull off the highway to calm his nerves after hearing one of Coughlin’s anti-Semitic diatribes on the car radio.

Furthermore Father Coughlin is the model and spiritual father of the incendiary radio and television racist of today ala Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Sean Hannity et al who seem to be trying their best to push this country into a race war.  By choosing the historical actors he chose Mr. Brooks defeats his own argument, because they read like a rogues gallery of racists and anti-Semites!  In fact, it strongly suggests that perhaps racism is an integral ingredient in populist movements in the US.  Strangely, all of these facts seem to have escaped Mr. Brook’s in his white bread reading of history.  Interestingly enough, the one historian Mr. Brooks did refer to has little or nothing to say about the fundamental question the column pretends to address: What is the role of racism in the present demonstrations against President Obama?

Hence I would like to give Mr. Brooks an assignment that will better prepare him to offer and analysis that enlightens more than it obscures the next time he ventures into these troubled waters – assuming that education and not obfuscation is his objective.  This assumption however requires a heroic leap of faith given the lies and racist demagoguery that has become the standard for the Republican contribution to our political discourse.  In order to understand what is happening with the so-called “Tea Party Rebellion” there is two books Mr. Brooks must absolutely must read – and  based upon the convoluted nonsense he has  presented as serious argument it is obvious to this writer that he has read neither.

The more important of the two is “The Politics Of Rage,” written by the distinguished Bancroft Prize winning historian Dan T. Carter who, ironically, was a longtime professor at Emory University where President Jimmy Carter made his spot on assessment of the role of racism in the irrational hate mongering of many of the demonstrators and the talking media heads who egg them on.  I have already posted my views on that controversy in “A Self-Evident Truth,” so I won’t belabor the matter here.

Dr. Carter’s book is the best single treatment on how the Republican Party replaced the Democrats in the former confederate states of the South, which for most of the twentieth century hated the Republicans like they now hate the Democrats.  What this work shows is that in both instances the critical factor was maintaining white supremacy, which is, after all, the raison d’etre for racism.  With the careful arguments of the accomplished historian Professor Carter systematically marshals the evidence to show how the Republican strategy that resulted in the election of Ronald Reagan – which represents the triumph of the far right in the US – was originally authored by George Wallace, during the period  before his rejection of racist doctrine and embracing a posture of racial reconciliation.

In fact, it is a measure of how reactionary the Republican base is on this question that George Wallace’s daughter supported Barack Obama for President and is now supporting his old law school class mate for governor of Alabama, while the most powerful spokesman for the Republicans, Rush Limbaugh, is stoking the fires of racial hysteria!   The point here is that the reason why none of the leadership in the Republican Party will  denounce the obvious racism of the Tea Party Demonstrators or the racist broadcast bloviators is because they understand that their bread is buttered with white racism.

Hence to call the racist by their proper name could spell the end of their political career.  And thus  they have made a Faustian bargain with racist – whether every Republican personally harbors such views is irrelevant in this context –  and  it is devouring the soul of the Republican Party while embarrassing our country around the world and pushing us toward racial violence!  Furthermore, several experts on Presidential assassinations have gone on record saying that all of this inflammatory racist rhetoric emanating from the Republican camp is greatly increasing the chances of our President being assassinated!    This assessment is supported by the Secret Service’s revelation that they are receiving more threats against the life of  Barack Obama than any previous President.

The fear of assassination has been an abiding fear of African Americans – this writer included – in fact, I went down to the Talkers Magazine awards ceremonies  accompanied only by Scott Pellegrino of FAIR and accused Sean Hannity of trying to get Barack Obama assassinated during the presidential campaign.  It can be viewed on You Tube – see “Playthell Challenges Racist White commentators.”  It was this fear on the part of Colin Powell’s wife Alma that kept the General from running for President, and in retrospect kept him from becoming the first black man to occupy that high office.  It was a fear that deprived us of the wise leadership of this great American and inflicted eight years of George W. Bush on the nation, a blunder of epic proportions that even Republicans now admit was a colossal mistake.

Hence Mr. Brook’s attempt to deny the role of racism in the present attacks – many of which are explicit, or implicit in the pervasive coded language like “we want our country back” and attempts to deny his American birth – is a fool’s errand.  Alas, this is an odd mission for a man who pretends to wisdom and wishes to be taken seriously by serious people. Mr. Brooks appears to be so out of touch with reality he would  almost certainly argue that his position on the editorial page of the New York times has nothing to do with the fact that he is a WASP male with a passably reasonable conservative point of view. That, I believe, is characteristic of his point of view on benign the role of race, gender and ethnicity in deciding who gets what in contemporary American society.

Finally, the second book that Mr. Brooks desperately needs to read is “Nixon’s Piano: Presidents And Racial Politics From Washington To Clinton,” By the eminent historian of racism and American politics Dr. Kenneth O’Reilly.=On “The Great Democratizer” Andrew Jackson, Mr. Brook’s champion of the common man,  Professor O’Reilly tells us: “the Jacksonian movement invented a party and style of presidential leadership that knew no higher purpose than protecting slavery forever.”  Yet, as Abraham Lincoln and the “Free Soilres” would later point out: the existence of slavery prevented free white labor from being able to bargain for a fair wage!

Yet most of the poor whites, who were the vast majority of southerners, supported slavery because of their commitment to the ideology of white supremacy even if was against their interests.  Just like the poor whites that make up the base of the party of the plutocrats. However the most important point in Nixon’s Piano – among many eye opening revelations that contradict the conventional wisdom on the role of racism in American politics – is that white politicians need not harbor racist views themselves in order to utilize racists for political purposes.

This was especially true in the case of Ronald Reagan and George Bush as opposed to “Tricky Dick” Nixon, author of the infamous “southern strategy,” who was both a racist and an anti-Semite.  And it is also true of all the Republican aspirants for President today; which is why John McCain remained silent as Sarah Palin – the ignorant shrew who would be President – whipped up white mobs into a racist frenzy against Barack Obama.  And the fact that Barack went on to win the election does not mean – as the President himself has implied when he reminded David Letterman that he was black before he was elected, racism is not a driving force in the protests against him.  His remarks must be seen as political wisdom not a candid assessment of the facts.  For it is certainly wise for him to avoid personal entanglement in the question if racism, which could derail his grand objectives for the nation.

The plain fact of the matter regarding the state of race relations in America is that most of those whites who voted for Barack have moved beyond the well established  white pathology of “nigger hating.”  But a great majority of those who did not are royally pissed that a black man is in the white House and are trying to do everything they can imagine to ruin his presidency in order to manufacture a self-fulfilling prophecy that no black man can lead this great country – just as President Carter said!   And thus they can kill two birds with one stone: insure our President’s failure – as Limbaugh has publicly committed himself to – and insure the American people will not dare vote another African American to this high office again!  In spite of the anti-health care rhetoric this is the real aim of the Tea Party movement.

 Racist Parody Of Obama

 How the President looks to the Republican Demonstrators

Alas, Mr. Brook’s foray into historical interpretation only adds confusion to a discourse that is already riddled with Republican lies and myriad distortions. Since I cannot know the true sentiments of Mr. Brook’s heart, I shall refrain from labeling him a secret agent for the racist Republican rabble, and conclude that he is simply clueless!


Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem New York

September 23. 2009

On Pat Buchanan!

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Patrick Buchanan VIII

Pugnacious Pundit of the Right


 Perceptive Pundit or Racial Arsonist?

  I recently got cable television again after a hiatus of several years and it has opened a whole new world to me.  Most importantly, I can now watch the 24/7 news channels and see all of the celebrated pundits speaking off the cuff on the great issues of the day.   In candid moments many have exposed themselves as shallow windbags – like that grinning coon with grits for brains Joe Watkins – and when the topic turns to Barack Obama some have revealed themselves to be spineless or racist or both.  Others have radiated hope and joy because they believe that the fact that Obama is making such an impressive showing is concrete evidence that our society is moving toward finally fulfilling her creed of liberty and justice for all.  Not so with Pat Buchanan and his lynch mob of right wing kooks, virtually all of whom are American Exceptionalists who still believe the world should be governed by a racial hierarchy led by white American men.  Buchanan manages to barely disguise his feeling on this question when he is on main stream television; but on his blog he drops the pretense and lets his true colors shine through.  

            Alas, nearly all of the pundits, black and white, have exposed themselves as dreadfully ignorant of history and the social sciences; it is as if they believe they can navigate the thorny problems of race and class in the US – which are terribly complex matters and demand both a historical perspective and what that great thinker C. Wright Mills called a “sociological imagination” – with a near total ignorance of Afro-American history and an indifference to sociology. Fortunately I have a tape recorder in my television and I am carefully taping all of these guys; but since Pat is the most offensive of the lot because he is smart enough to know better, I am critiquing him for posterity.  At the end of this election I will publish a book of commentaries “Notes on the Obama Phenomenon,” and like Mark Anthony said of Caesar: “I have come to bury Pat not to praise him” and to make certain the evil he does will live on after he is gone.  So friends, seekers of wisdom of truth, and countrymen lend me your ears, and I shall tell you tales from the dark side of human character.

            After overdosing on Jonathon Capeheart of the Washington Post, a grinning over solicitous intellectual mediocrity, and Pat Buchanan, a shanty Irishman who became neuveau riche from crafting political graffiti for charming dopes like Ronald Reagan and has lived up to the old Irish Republican adage: “Give an Irishman a horse and he will vote Tory every time!”  I decided to take a close look at the punditocracy, these verbose painters of American life; the smart guys who are supposed to pull our coats to the deeper meaning of the events we hear about in the news.  Although Patty is a helluva lot swifter on the cap than Jonathon Seagull, and most of the other talking heads, he is also a rigid ideologue whose arguments are predictable and a racist pugnacious bore to boot. 

            It is no accident that Pat’s columns on Barack Obama are prominently displayed on the cover page of that great American fascist David Duke’s website: For Our Heritage and Freedom.  In a syndicated column titled: A Brief for Whitey, written in response to Barack’s historic speech on race in which he called for a new conversation on race relations in America, old pugnacious Pat had this to say: “America has been the best country on earth for black folks. It was here that 600,000 black people, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew into a community of 40 million, were introduced to Christian salvation, and reached the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever known.”  The problem with that response is that this statement is also true for shanty Irishman like him. 

Had Pat’s people remained in Ireland and didn’t starve to death during the British induced potato famine in an attempt to starve them like rats, he would probably have been a stable boy in County Cork or bootblack in London.  He is who he is because his Irish ancestors came here and were moved ahead of black people in the line of progress because of the biological accident of being born with white skin, and the historical accident of his parents settling in America – where there was a pigmentocracy based on skin color!  So Pat’s observation that “Wright should get down on his knees and thank God he is in America,” is better advice for Irish-Americans like him who would are such big shots here but would have been nothing back in the old country.  Hence by Buchanan’s logic, if slavery was a good thing because it resulted in African Americans winding up in this country, it is more than a good thing that the British Crown decided to starve the Irish and drive them out of Ireland!

Furthermore, Rev. Wright’s ancestors were here building America when Patty’s people were grubbing for potatoes in the bogs of Ireland!  As Dr. Benjamin Quarles has shown in his seminal text The Negro in the American Revolution, and Dr. Sydney Kaplan reveals in his thoughtful study of the period The Black Presence in the Revolutionary Era, African Americans were right in the thick of things: militarily and philosophically! Racist dunderheads like Pat, and his verbose disciples on the Republican right, manage to get away with the kind of self-aggrandizing racist prattle precisely because of the shameful ignorance of American history by the vast majority of the American punditariat –black and white, left and right.

Beyond that Jeremiah Wright served this country in the US Marine Corps, for real tough guys that accept only “a few good men” – while Pat is a classic version of the “Chicken Hawks” that Senator Lautenberg dismissed as tough talkers who have never fired off anything but their mouths!  But I will have much more to say about Mr. Buchanan’s brief in my Open Letters to Pat Buchanan, which I am presently composing, and they written in the same instructional spirit as that well meaning but misguided drunken Irishman Pete Hamill’s Letter to a Black Friend.


  In a column dated 3/20/08 titled Pastor to the President?  Patty writes with the kind of righteous anger and simple minded argument designed to excite the passions and dull the intellect of the clueless, racist, right wing numbskulls who think of him as their brilliant verbal bully. His attempts to excerpt the sermon of the Reverend Doctor Jeremiah Wright in his column was no doubt popular with the ditzy white crowd who look to him in search of wisdom – a case of the blind leading the blind! – but I found Pat’s argument pedestrian at best and racist hysteria at worse.  And like all sophistic arguments his polemic cannot stand   rigorous examination. 

           Frankly put, if Buchanan can muster up the “cahones” to debate me on the veracity of the assertions in Revered Wright’s speech that so offends him in his column, I will kick his pugnacious punk ass!   For one thing, like virtually all of the white commentators fat mouthing about Rev. Wright, Paddy has nothing to say about the Reverend Hagee, the powerful Texas pastor who is a frightening full blown Christian Evangelical fanatic.  Hagee has said far more outrageous things about Catholics than Rev. Wright or Minister Farrakhan – both of whom are far better men than Pat Buchanan by my estimate – has said about Jews or white America in general, and Hagee is as tight with John McCain as the haunches on a country hog.  Yet I haven’t heard a peep out of old pugnacious Paddy, even though he is a former Alter boy who was educated by Jesuit priests, and to hear him tell it he is a big time believer in Catholicism!   Whasssup wit that Pat?

           Although I think it is hypocritical I can understand Abraham Foxman’s indifference to Rev. Hagee – when recently questioned about his silence on Hagee in the face of the Texas Pastor’s vicious attacks on the Catholic Church, and his insistence that Hurricane Katrina’s destruction of New Orleans was punishment for a gay pride parade they had scheduled for that time – Foxman said coldly “These are not Jewish issues,” according to a report in the March 14, 2008 edition of the Jewish Forward.  So unlike principled Jewish leaders who are concerned with the with the entire human condition – such as Rabbi Irwin Kula, President of The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership – who is alarmed by Rev. Hagee’s close relationship with the Republican Party and John McCain – or some members of the Israeli Mossad’s concern that his preachments might fire up some young Jewish fanatic who will then go out and deface a sacred Islamic shrine, bringing the endless Muslim hordes of Asia down upon the little desert nation; Abraham Foxman had nothing critical to say about Rev. Hagee. 

 A vicious anti-Catholic bigot and warmonger who has called the church of Rome “The whore of Babylon” and denounced the pope as religious fraud and agent of the Devil, while steadily pressing the US government to attack Iran; Hagee is a full blown iconoclastic lunatic.  I wonder however what Mr. Foxman would think if a billion Catholics around the world announced that they didn’t want to hear anything more about discrimination against Jews or the horrors of the holocaust because it isn’t a Christian issue!    

            This was Pats chance to call Foxman out for hypocrisy – Foxman has sure been all over his ass for years because of his apologia for Nazi war criminals the Jews were attempting to bring to justice…and rightly so!   And we can now see why, because Pat has recently written a book, titled Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War: How Britain lost the empire and the West Lost the World, which is a brooding meditation on a White supremacist paradise lost, which argues that America should never have entered World War II because we were in no physical danger from Hitler.  Is this guy crazy or just the closet Nazi my Jewish friends have long suspected?  Does he really believe that not opposing Hitler could have saved the British Empire and the world wide system of white supremacy that it represented?  What an argument for a shanty Irishman to make!  I have so much to say about this book that it will require another piece to adequately address it; and that will soon be forthcoming.  Stay tuned because I’m gonna stay on Pat as long as he stays on Brother Obama; which probably means from now on!

           Even Donald Trump, himself no intellectual heavy weight – has publicly called Buchanan “a whacko” who “doesn’t like the Jews and he doesn’t like the blacks.”  And that was echoed by Bill Press, a white TV pundit, who told Pat Buchanan back in January: “Pat you want white supremacy and you’ve had it!  You are the same white supremacist you always have been!”  Press gave this assessment after a heated discussion about Barack Obama and The Black Congressional Caucus, with Pat Buchanan and that pasty faced bow tie wearing super light-weight Tucker Carlson – who is a conspicuous example of the preferential treatment accorded mediocre waspy white males in the media.  Buchanan was so obnoxious Bill Press was forced to call him out although they are obviously buddies.   But Pat was unmoved and just sat there with an IDGAF –“I Don’t Give A Fuck” – sneer on his bulldog face.   He is such a committed racist he can’t hide it so it seems he has decided to just go with the flow and let it all hang out.

           Pattty hanging out with Neo-Nazi David Duke

            Pat Buchana with David Duke

Birds of a feather!

On the matter of Reverend Wright – whose views I will objectively examine in another commentary – I have some advice for Pat.  Instead of sounding like a broken record, repeating ad nauseum the chant for Obama to quit his church in spite of all the good works that everybody who knows anything about Trinity Church has testified to, he should devote his energies to stopping the widespread rape of children by Catholic priests!  After all, Pat has not seen fit to leave his church in spite of the disclosure of numerous cover ups by the hierarchy and the Pope employing proven pedophiles in the Vatican – or worse sending these child molesters to another Parrish where unsuspecting parents will leave their children in their care – instead of sending these criminal perverts to jail.  And the present Pope alas, was part and parcel of the cover-up!

            And while he is dealing with that unholy mega-mess in his church, Pat should tell everybody why he is not running away from David Duke and vigorously protesting the self-confessed Republican neo-Nazi who once represented the Grand Old Party in the Louisiana legislature prominently featuring his writings on Duke’s website!  I think the answer to Pat’s silence on this issue while he is so exercised by Rev. Wright lay in the fact that pheasants of similar plumage generally congregate in close proximity; or as my grandmother would say: “Birds of a feather flock together.”   I know you like to tell black people what to do Pat, like all white supremacists, but I say go clean up your own house you racist potato head hypocrite!  


Playthell Benjamin

Harlem NY,

Spring 2008







The Republicans On Trial!

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Jeff SessionsA redneck charlatan

 Notes on the Sotomayor Hearings

 Republican Senator Lindsay Graham from the formerly Confederate state of South Carolina – an ardent supporter of that famous hot head John McCain for President – had the unmitigated gall to lecture Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor on improving her “judicial temperament.”   But to all objective observers there could be no better example of a calm temperament than the stoic way the judge maintained her cool in the face of a constant stream of asinine and redundant questions put to her by a group of self-righteous and hypocritical white men – like that Alabama Redneck Jeff Sessions, who was rejected for a seat on the Federal Appeals Court because of his well documented racism.

I would have found it extremely difficult to resist the urge to tell them to kiss me where the sun don’t shine.  Most difficult to bear was the constant references to her comment that a female of Latin American origins might view the facts of a case differently – and judge them more wisely – than a group of white males by virtue of her unique set of experiences, like she did in saving major league baseball. They were also overly exercised by Sotomayor’s comment that racial, ethnic and gender diversity among American Jurist will result in different decisions from those rendered by an all white male bench.

This is an obvious truth and nobody except an idiot or a charlatan would argue otherwise. We need look no further than the court’s decisions on the question of race and Civil Rights, in order to see how the race, gender and ideology of a judge impacts the way they interpret the law.  In 1854 Justice Roger B. Taney,  speaking for the majority in the Dred Scott Decision, said “Black men have no rights that white men are bound to respect.” No court composed of black judges would have rendered such an odious opinion.

After a devastating civil war a radical Reconstruction congress passed seven civil rights bills and amended the constitution to extend full civil rights to African Americans.  But in 1896 the Supreme Court ruled in Plessey V.  Ferguson that black people must exercise their civil rights separately from whites: the infamous “Separate but Equal” doctrine.  No group of black judges would have come to that conclusion either!

Then, after many challenges in the federal courts, the Supreme Court ruled that “Separate is inherently unequal.”  These cases prove two things: Judges of equal competence can examine the same facts and come to radically different conclusions. And the racial, ethnic and ideological identities of the judges can determine how one interprets those facts.  The Republican decision to demagogue this issue is placing their philosophy of race, gender and rights on trial, and the public will render their verdict at the polls.


Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem, New York

July 15, 2009

The Hysteric As Pundit

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 Peggy Noonan Peggy Noonan: A Weird Wiggy Woman


 She Saw visions of Satan and the Cross at Ground Zero

  There have been many memorable incidents during the Presidential election, but none occasioned more anger and laughter, amusement and contempt, boredom and enlightenment than reading and listening to the professional pundits.  By now I know what to expect from them so I am seldom surprised by their opinions.  But there are some notable exceptions.  Just when I had become convinced that Peggy Noonan couldn’t say anything dumber than the hysterical blood thirsty diatribe she wrote in the aftermath of 9/11 – an event that drove many otherwise sane and reasonable people over the edge – in which she castigated evil doers who didn’t recognize that America was the light of the world and genuflect upon the mere mention of the US, she then goes and publishes her commentary on Barack Obama’s impending acceptance speech at the Democratic Party convention.  Upon first hearing of it I just passed it off as “fox and the grapes stuff,” more Republican lying and signifying, but then I found out what she had actually written.  I was aghast!  

At first reading one can see that gross exaggerations, false analogies, indifference to facts, and historical ignorance injure her argument beyond repair and render it almost laughable.   Peg is spared a clown’s fate only because of the tragic fact that this woman is taken seriously by serious, albeit abysmally ignorant on the critical questions at issue, players in government and Industry.   After all, Ms. Noonan is a columnist with the Wall Street Journal, the official voice of the American ruling class. 

 Witnessing the Republican response to the Obama phenomena in general – and the swelling Obamamania that is gripping millions of Americans of all races, classes and ethnicities, which threatened to engulf the country when he took the stage in Denver – I find a source of unending amusement.   For a yellow dog democrat and long time warrior in the human rights struggle like me, listening to the incessant whining and unconvincing attempts to dismiss what is clearly the greatest moment in American political history is a sport. 

          Old Peggy Noonan seems to have lost her mind completely when she perused the plans for staging Senator Obama’s speech.  She didn’t simply disagree with the DNC’s plan to present Barack’s historic speech at Invesco Field; she went into great detail about their myriad failures of organization, management and imagination.  Then she dismissed the event as folly.  “People working the technical end of the event are talking about poor coordination, unclear planning, and a Democratic National Committee that just doesn’t seem capable of decisive and sophisticated thinking” she concluded. However Leon Saunders, of Saunders and Associates in Atlanta, who recently produced a mega-concert in Dauphin stadium in Miami, disagrees. “The way the Obama people successfully moved that many people from the auditorium to the Stadium without incident is one of the most impressive feats I have ever seen!” he assured me.  Since Leon promotes spectacles for a living I’m going with “Honest Lee” as he is known in the world of show business. 

          The fact is, like most right wing ideologues, Peg doesn’t have to actually know what she is talking about because nobody among the lunatic right who are her cronies either knows or cares if what she is saying is factually correct:  after all it is not truth but propaganda that is their stock in trade.  Finally old ditzy Peg flipped out and labeled the speech “one of the biggest and possibly craziest gambles of this or any other presidential campaign of the modern era. Everyone can define what can go wrong, and no one can quite define what a ‘great move’ would look like. It has every possibility of looking like a Nuremberg rally

          A Nuremberg rally?  That’s a strange statement coming from a Reagan era Republican who also happens to be a Catholic; for there are no bigger public spectacles than an appearance by the Pope, decked out in his Klan like costume.  And Ronald Regan, for whom Peg was a proud speechwriter, introduced the spectacular show biz pageant into the inaugural ceremonies of the presidency.  I know, because I wrote a mocking commentary about it titled “Hollywood Goes To Washington.” In this commentary I listed all the Hollywood talent that participated in planning and staging the spectacle – from fashion designers to set designers.  But then I, and every political pro, noticed that it worked!  They had managed to convince the world that Ronald Reagan was something other than a handsome b-movie actor who knew how to deliver a good line at the appropriate time.  All of his handlers and key cabinet ministers such as Chief of Staff Michel Deaver, Treasury Secretary Donald Regan, and Budget Director David Stockman have painted a portrait of him as a charming dullard.  So if spectacle can get a smooth talking numbskull like Ronald Reagan elected to the Oval Office, Obama’s handlers would have been fools not to employ these show biz techniques. After all, they’ve got the real deal.  A blindly partisan Republican, Peg is just pissed because they did it so well!

   On the other hand the Pope regularly fills stadiums everywhere he goes to great pomp and circumstance – including elaborate props and expensive costumes that would make Elvis Pressley look prissy and many Broadway shows look like mere dress rehearsals.  Furthermore this Pope is a guy whose knows from a NAZI rally, having attended a few during his stint in the Nazi youth movement!  Furthermore, the holy Roman Catholic Church, to which Ms. Noonan is passionately committed, made its peace with the Italian Fascist by signing the shameful Concordant between the Vatican and Mussolini’s fascist government.  There are even pictures of the Pope blessing the ammunition Italian fascist forces would use against an unoffending Ethiopia; the Pope was quite willing to use Italian Fascist troops to impose Catholicism as the dominant church in Ethiopia, the land of Coptic Christianity.   Anyone who doubts this need only read the Excellent scholarly study of the matter “the Vatican in the Age of the Dictators, by the eminent British historian Anthony Rhodes – which I’m fairly certain clueless Peggy has not, and being a catholic fanatic she probably would tune out and go into her denial mode…Just like she did when Pope John Paul was criticized by the victims of pedophile priest for not speaking out on the rape of children by the Catholic clergy.

    Pius XIIPope Pius XII


          The problem for the Ethiopians was that they were viewed as heretics by the Vatican because this ancient African nation insisted that they have the original “Arc of the Covenant,” which King Solomon bequeathed to his son Menelek I, whom he sired with the beautiful black queen Makeda, the Queen of Sheba.  (Just for the record I think the Ethiopians are right!  I even named my daughter after her.)  By the way, since Ms. Noonan is so preachy about freedom, I’d like to know what she thinks of her church’s Taliban like history of imposing its religious doctrine on conquered peoples with the sword.  Does she ever shed a tear in remembrance of the Catholic genocides against the indigenous peoples of the Americas?  Nuremburg rallies indeed.  I’m sure Ms. Noonan would understand little of what I am getting at here because from all appearances she understands little about the world in general.  

  In the days after the tragedy of 9/11 – which was the result of the incompetence of the Bushmen, not their complicity in the act, as some paranoids insist upon believing – there were many hysterical voices.  But none was more absurdly hysterical than Ms. Noonan’s diatribe which I critiqued in my essay None but the Righteous.  Ms. Noonan does not simply miss the point about the progression of events that had actually led to 9/11; for her it was “a matter of good versus evil.”  Then she went on to rhapsodize about seeing the face of the Devil at ground zero…which she called “the evil one.”   She also saw the old rugged cross on which Jesus Christ was lynched in the twisted steel beams rising up from the rubble.   And while she confessed that her kids thought she was nuts – hooray for them!) Ms. Noonan turned to Catholic construction workers at ground zero for confirmation of her divine vision.

Since I have been a construction worker in New York off and on for twenty years –painting in the World Trade Center and tunneling under the rock and soil of Queens – I know that most construction workers are knuckleheads who are subject to go for any kind of okey doke.  But Peggy is a respected columnist on one of the great journals of opinion in the English language – not that they have any special affection for the Queen’s English – and the fact that a pundit of Pegs exalted status should arrive at the same conclusion as the untutored and superstitious mob is frightening!   Everywhere you look you see this old pompous pie face bloviator running off at the mouth; her incessant monologue rambling willy nilly from sophistry to the absurd; still her dance card is always full. It is further evidence that Republicans value ideology over intellectual integrity.  Yet from persistent smirk on her face as she inundates her listeners with hysterical nonsense masquerading as wisdom, I’ll bet ol Peg thinks she’s da bomb!  The Lady is just that clueless.

     An Unrepentant Knucklehead

 “Convince a fool against her will/she remains a fool still!” my mother used to say.  I have found that every time I forget this bit of wisdom I suffer for it.   When I saw Peggy on television the morning after Barack Obama gave one of the greatest speeches in American history, I knew she was losing it again.  Even while her fellow right wing crank, the ubiquitous pundit and former Presidential speechwriter Pat Buchanan was having verbal orgasms over the brilliance of Senator Obama’s rap, Peg was continuing to dis Barack’s speech while exposing herself as a tone deaf sophist – which she, of course, was far too full of herself to see.

          As I listened carefully to the foolishness she was spouting I reflected on an article I had read online arguing that Peg’s greatest line – “They slipped the surly bonds of earth and touched the face of God,” which Reagan read when eulogizing the Astronauts who died when their space ship exploded on takeoff, was swiped from the oeuvre of an obscure 19th century Irish poet/soldier.  And this, of course, is the flimsy foundation on which her reputation as a clever thinker rests. In spite of old prickly Peg’s caustic commentary, Barack Obama’s speech contained elegance, eloquence and gravitas in abundance.  And it was delivered by the finest in the presidential race.  But since she thought that Ronald Reagan was a great orator – in spite of his bland verbosity, it is no wonder that Peg has trouble recognizing great oratory when she hears it.

          Although white folks, dazzled by his verbal virtuosity, are inclined to overstate the case and make Barack the greatest orator in America; black folks know that there are great clerical bards preaching the word from thousands of pulpits every Sunday morning.  The transcendent power of their poetry can make your soul take flight and your spirit dance.  And when they preach a social gospel or enter the political arena – ala Rev. Doctor Martin Luther King, Rev. Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, Rev. Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Wyatt T. Walker, Rev. Al Sharpton, and many more – their voices dominate any discourse they enter into.  Barack Obama has absorbed this oratorical tradition by cultural osmosis.

“The Great Communicator

8Peg and Ronnie         

Peggy Fawning over Her Hero

 Quite unlike the stiff Latin conjurations of the Catholic liturgy, black preachers, as writer Zora Neal Hurston observed, “must be poets to survive in a Negro pulpit.” Barack Obama is heir to that tradition; that’s what he was really doing when he spent all those hours listening to the great preachers that held forth at Trinity Church, beginning with the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright – an electrifying preacher from the prophetic wing of the black clergy.  Nevertheless, in spite of my mother’s sterling advice, I would love to debate Ms. Noonan about the quality of Senator Obama’s speech. It would afford me a rare opportunity to expose the arguments of Ms. Noonan – and her rightwing acolytes – for what they are: lightweight, middlebrow prattle that is sorely lacking in insight or profundity!  

       As I watched Peg try and convince her colleagues that Obama’s speech was a failure – while all of them raved over his splendid oratorical gifts – I thought of my Aunt Rosa, who was both my first Shakespeare teacher and also the director of the school’s oratorical team.  As such she, more than anyone, is responsible for my being a writer and orator who is equally skilled at both, as my hapless opponents have discovered.   I know what a good oration is because I recited some of the greatest orations in the western tradition – including Shakespeare’s monologues and epic poems like William Cullen Bryant’s Thanatopsis.  So for me it is not just theory: I know how it’s done!  

On Wednesday morning, the day after the Republicans kicked her crony Rudi Guiliani to the curb in favor of that old school right-wing ideologue Fred Thompson, a belligerent blow hard and flim flam man, it seemed that Peg is beguiled by another mediocre actor.  In a bombastic screed devoid of truth or elegance Thompson excited the untutored die hard Republican mob assembled in St. Paul like the showman that he is.  I don’t believe a lot of the lines he was spouting anymore than he believes the lines he recites so convincingly on screen.  That’s what actors do: Say things they know are fantasies and make you believe it’s real!  It is instructive that old prickly Peg, who was so caustic in her criticism of Senator Obama’s speech – which was as elegant as Thompson’s was crude – had nothing to say in terms of criticism of Freddy T. And it further exposes her as just another media shill for the Republican Party in spite of her transparent attempts to fool the public and present herself as an objective observer!

          However Peg’s most ludicrous argument – and there were so many to choose from that I confess  my choice may be somewhat arbitrary – was her attempt to justify John McCain’s curious selection of Sarah Palin as his Vice President.  She was the very model of what Plato describes as “the Sophist” in his Dialogues.   In a dialogue between Theaeteus and The Stranger the former observes “He must be the Sophist…no other name can possibly be right.  To wit The Stranger replies “No other; and so this trader in virtue again turns out to be our friend the Sophist, whose art may now be traced from the art of acquisition through exchange, trade, merchandise, to a merchandise of the soul which is concerned with speech and the knowledge of virtue.”  In other words old prickly Peg has sold her soul to the Republican propaganda machine and obediently does their bidding while posing as an independent objective observer!   And she does this even when it is apparent to every thinking person who is not blinded by ideology or seduced by political opportunism that she is spouting nonsense!

 Speaking in the school mom persona that she assumes when she thinks that she is being especially insightful, Peg told the nation on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that Sarah Palin “is just terrific!” However future historians will show that McCain’s cynical and vulgar opportunistic choice of Sarah Palin did much to help sink his candidacy, because it exposed his terrible judgment and lack of integrity.   Palin is ignorant, abrasive, and overly ambitious.   She likes to refer to herself as “a maverick,” but the surviving members of the Maverick family has publicly protested her appropriation of their family name, considering her and John McCain to be embarrassments.  Strangely, there is no talk about “Nurnberg rallies” in regard to the McCain/Palin rallies.  Yet given the way in which they amp up the crowd with inflammatory rhetoric that Stevie Wonder can see is racist, it is no wonder that audience members are shouting out “Kill him!”

 Although McCain appears to be surprised by the response of the mob after he and the ignorant Alaskan shrew has done all they could to incite the mob.  Instead he fains outrage at Congressman John Lewis for pointing out a historical truth: The Republican Party built their electoral majority based on the “southern strategy” concocted during the Nixon campaign and has been followed by every successful Republican Presidential campaign since.  This has been well documented by professional historians – Kenneth O’Reily and Dan T. Carter in their seminal texts Nixon’s Piano and The Politics of Rage.  Since Peggy Noonan is a celebrated intellectual she should know this.  And if she has read these texts – which I seriously doubt, because pundits in general don’t appear to believe that they should actually have evidence for the things that they say – now is the time for her to speak up if she is really interested in the future of this nation. 

 I say this because it is obvious to everybody who has sense enough to come in out of the rain that the rancorous rhetoric shamelessly employed by the McCain campaign, in concert with those racist lunatics on WABC – Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Michel Savage etc, – who exhort the ignorant pobel with a constant stream of invective aimed at Barack Obama, trying their level best to paint him as a collaborator with terrorist, has creating the atmosphere for him to be assassinated!   This is a constant fear among black Americans – this writer included – and should it happen it will tear this nation apart.  If Peggy Noonan was a thoughtful commentator seriously interested in advancing the political culture of this nation, instead of a hysterical charlatan posing as a thoughtful pundit, this is what she would be outraged about, not the sets for the hopeful and unifying message of Barack Obama.  Shame on you Peg!

 And yo, Aunt Rosa would have had an appropriate literary aphorism for you, one of her favorite jewels from Mark Twain: “Tis far better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt!”





Sean Hannity Is A Loud Mouth Pussy!!

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All blow and No Go!!

All blow and No Go!!

 A real phony baloney!

 Thanks to Keith Olberman, the smartest man in talk television, we are seeing Sean Hannity for the loud mouth pussy that he is.  A rabid right-wing racist rascal, Sean’s rants are as offensive to the notions of decency and intellectual honesty as Pat Buchanan, except he is not half as smart.  In fact, Sean is such an intellectual lightweight that I don’t even think he would make an interesting opponent in debate.  During one of his moments of fake bravado, this verbose punk volunteered to be water boarded in order to demonstrate that it’s not torture.  Yet when a former CIA interrogator stepped forward and volunteered to water board his ass Sean punked out.  As of this writing Sean maintains his silence on the challenge, in spite of the fact that Mr. Olberman has offered to contribute $1,000 to charity for every second Sean resists the water boarder!

The interrogator has actually taunted Sean by coming on television and calling his bluff, guaranteeing Olberman that within minutes he could persuade Sean to publicly declare “The Keith Olberman” show the greatest ever.   But Sean has suddenly become like the three blind monkeys: he appears to be unable to see, hear or speak about his dismissal of water boarding as torture and his offer to present his body for experimentation to prove it.  After all, Sean is a modern man who relies on technology to make his living; therefore he must believe in the scientific method. Hence he understands that science is the most reliable method of arriving at truth, and experimentation plus observation is the very heart of the scientific method. 

 Thus to refuse to go through with his offer to prove water boarding is not torture by participating in an experiment that we all could observe objectively, exposes him as a shameless bullshit artist and a gutless punk.   It is no wonder that Senator Lautenburg, a combat veteran, called all of these belligerent rightwing bloviators and politicians – such as Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney, Pat Buchanan, Bill O’Reilly, et al – “chicken hawks.”  They are all blow and no go!  None of these characters have ever spent a day in the military, let alone actually having their ass on the firing line in combat. That’s why they are so willing to sanction torture when combat veterans like John McCain and John Kerry vociferously opposed it.  Old blabber-mouth Sean loves to posture as a tough guy; now we know for sure what I’ve always suspected: he is just a loud mouth pussy!

A Clear and Present Danger!

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Mr Cool: The Rotund Rushbo

A Calamity: Entertainers dominating the Political Discourse

 How ever much fun the match up between Colby and Shack might have been in ‘The NBA Show,” watching the Grand Poobahs of the Republican Party take turns assuming the lips to posterior position with Rush Limbaugh, was infinitely more entertaining. Intellectually bankrupt, morally confused, and clueless about what direction to take, the Republican Party shamelessly entered into a Faustian bargain with Rush Limbaugh while the whole world bore witness. 

 All I could think of as I watched that old creepy cracker Senator from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell, one of the last unreconstructed Confederates lingering in the US Senate, impugn the taste and intelligence of those who would rather spend and evening chatting with Dr, Paul Krugman, the present Nobel Laureate in Economics, who writes well enough to be an op-Ed columnist with the New York Times – rather than Rush Limbaugh was: “this will come back to haunt the GOP.”  Since I would rather spend the evening with Francis the Talking Mule rather than a minute with old Rotund Rushbo; I took the Senator’s derision personally. 

 Hence I have a question for the Kentucky Senator: “Are you so desperate for a route back to relevance that you are willing to entrust the posterity of the Grand Old Party to a verbose ignoramus like Rush Limbaugh?”    Well, I say God speed to you Senator!  I cannot envision a more generous gift the God’s could bestow upon a left wing Yellow Dog Democrat like me.  For if there is anything we know for sure about the tawdry riddle that is Rush Limbaugh, it’s that he is an egomaniac fired up off Oxycontin who rants and raves over the air ways like…well like an outta control dope fiend with a rudimentary understanding of the issues he rants about. 

Hence sooner or later he is surely going to say something that will reduce the appeal of your party to poor dumb rednecks, closet Nazi’s, and garden variety right wing kooks…people like you Senator. Rush Limbaugh’s ignorance is so profound it cannot be disguised, which was clear to any thinking person who listened closely to that incoherent 90 minute temper tantrum, but he passed it off as a political oration to people  who are too dumb to tell the difference. 

 In one of the most dramatic moments of his hysterical screed he passionately quoted extended passages from the Constitution…except they were actually from the declaration of Independence!  As legions of journalists and historians hasten to point this out, the whole world will quickly come to know what a numbskull Rush Limbaugh is; Just as Rhom Emmanuel, President Obama’s politically astute Chief of Staff, has enthusiastically anointed him the intellectual guru of the Republican Party.

 Already a distinct minority, and shrinking like the British Empire, the GOP is hoping to ride the tide of Rush’s popularity back to power, while at the same time keeping him from driving everybody else away with his hysterical and reckless rhetoric.  It is a classic Faustian bargain, and I’m betting the Republicans will lose their soul to the Devil come judgment day.


































In Opposing The President’s Speech…

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Pat Buchanan

 Verbal Arsonist Pat Buchanan

 The Republicans Promote Stupidity!

The swelling Republican attacks on President Obama’s decision to give a pep talk to the nation’s students on opening day – which turned out to be an old fashion lecture on the virtues of hard work and personal responsibility which American students desperately needed to hear – tells us much about the nature of the contemporary Republican Party.  For those who have followed my commentaries over the years it will come as no surprise that the Republicans encourage racism and ignorance in the American electorate. In fact I have argued that they figure these factors into their calculus for victory.

 As I observed during the presidential election, the selection of Sarah Palin for VP was a play for “the Dumb Dora vote.”  The Republican Party is so committed to this strategy that they continuously emphasized that their support came largely from non-college educated whites.  One has only to look at the demographics of the Republican base to see that they are largely concentrated in those states with the lowest level of educational achievement.  This fact led the GOP to adopt a strategy of attacking and ridiculing an Ivy League education – Which both the President and the first Lady successfully completed.

The most shameful example of this was posited by a leading Republican intellectual, Pat Buchanan.  In his attempt to defend a racist/sexist argument that Justice Sonia Sotomayor was unqualified to serve on the Supreme Court, he first said that she was unjustly admitted to Princeton and Yale because she was admitted under Affirmative Action guidelines.  But when it was pointed out that she graduated with top honors from Princeton – which is presently rated above Harvard – and she was an editor on the Yale Law Journal, this shameless charlatan said on the MSNBC talk show Morning Joe: “Everybody knows they just give out A’s to everybody in Ivy League schools!”

Buchanan, intellectual anachronism and moral cripple that he is, had nothing to say about the fact that there were several thousand students were more qualified than George Bush when he was admitted to Yale on a rich white boy legacy, or that he was refused admission to the University of Texas Law School!  Then he went on to become the worst President in history.  Nor did he have anything to say about their Negro errand boy Uncle Clarence Thomas, who, according to the distinguished Dean of the Yale Law School, Vito Calibrisi, was admitted only after they shaved 250 points of the standard admission score!

All the talk about Barack Obama being “elitist” combined both pillars of Republican strategy: promoting racism and ignorance.  Of course in their twisted minds this is a stealth strategy whose real intents and purposes are not visible to the electorate because it is obscured by smoke screens. They wrap their racist reactionary ideology in transparently bullshit polemics about speaking for “the real America” – which is to say small town bumpkins or disillusioned and confused white workers who are so clueless as to the real reasons for their deepening economic and identity crisis that they are willing to vote against their class interests and make their situation worse.

How else do you explain John McCain, a man who graduated from the elite Naval Academy, holding up Joe the Plumber as “My Hero?”  Here is a guy that was so stupid he opposed Social Security because it is “a government giveaway.”  And this is a guy who is as poor as the snake without a pit to hiss in!  To anybody who is not a certifiable moron this was insulting; it was greeted as an outrage by the unionized plumbers I talked to!  It would be interesting just for the historical record, to see how many times John and Cindy has had Joe and his wife out to dinner since the election.

Like the air head Joe Six Packs who voted for George bush twice, Joe The Plumber acted as if he had some interests in common with John McCain, a man with so many houses he couldn’t remember them all in a presidential debate.  These people are a sad and dangerous crowd, because they can be manipulated into doing whatever their Republican puppet meisters want them to do, even if it’s against their own and the public interests.

Joe The Plumber

Joe the Plummer

McCain’s Hero?

 It is an indisputable fact that the Republican party is, as the Nobel Laureate in Economics Paul Krugman observed, “the party of the plutocrats”- Which is to say the super rich!  However there are not enough of these people to win national elections, so the Republicans cultivate the untutored white mob, who are driven to the brink of madness by economic frustration and racist resentment over the fact that a black family now occupies the White House and a black man is President of these United States Of America.   Having achieved little in life, and standing in danger of losing even that, they desperately cling to their whiteness because that’s the only asset they have. The value of which – in a multi-racial America where participation in the work force is more and more based on merit rather than racial and gender  nepotism – becoming more and more like Confederate money.

However while the Republicans take ridiculous positions like  disparaging educational achievement in order to discredit the President, and hold up transparent ignoramuses like Sarah Palin and Joe The Plummer as “heroes” and Presidential candidates, they are encouraging educational failure in our students by stigmatizing academic excellence. They are echoing the rap of high school drop outs who disdain school and think its hip to be dumb.  And this is by all measurable indices a disastrous course for the United states that will hasten our demise as a world power.  That the future belongs to the nations whose students master math and science in the largest numbers is beyond question.  So what does the arithmetic tell us about America’s future?

According to the latest results of the Third International Math and Science Study American 12th graders who are a few months away from college, were out performed by 90% of the students from the other 21 nations who took the math exam and 76% 0t those who took the science test.  China is graduating four times as many engineers as the US and Japan is graduating twice as many.  On advanced placement math and Science exams American students were outperformed by 94% of students from these other nations in math and 100% in science!  The result of these frightening statistics is summed up by Rice University Professor R.E. Smalley, a Nobel Laureate in Science, who predicted in 2005 that if current trends continue: ”By 2010 90% of all Ph.D.  physical scientist and engineers in the world will be Asians living in Asia!

Even if Dr. Smalley’s timetable is off by a decade, the trend is unmistakable and spells the end of America as a dominant power in the world, let alone the leader in science and technology.  Especially when we consider the conclusions of the American Association For the Advancement Of Science that “90 percent” of our math textbooks and 1oo% of our science textbooks are inadequate.

Furthermore it is no secret that India has outpaced the US in the production of computer scientist, and this is due entirely to the decision of the Indian government to fund the Indian Institute of Technology as a vehicle for making the most of their intellectual capital.  A closer look at the cybernetic revolution in the so-called “Silicone Valley” of Northern California will reveal the IIT engineers played a major role in that development. Hence if ever the United states need a strongly pro-education President it is now.  And I can think of no better example than President Obama, who is living proof of the power of education.

George W. Bush, who bragged about being a C student spoke to school children; Ronal Reagan, a smiling ignoramus who said you could call nuclear missiles back once they were launched, and George Herbert Walker Bush all addressed America’s school children with the blessings of the same crowd who are now up in arms because President wants to address the nation’s school children!  The racist rage that the Republicans and their media spokes are whipping up in this country may well retard the President’s efforts to make the changes that are necessary to put America in position to compete in this new century.  And for those who argue that it’s a good thing for him to speak because “minority students” need to hear him are also missing the point: All students need to hear this president; the future of the nation my well depend on it! 


 Commentaries On the Times

September 8, 2009

Harlem N.Y.














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